Hacking Will Happn – Sourcing Online Proximity Dating Apps by

Hacking Will Happn – Sourcing Online Proximity Dating Apps by

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Life is surprising. One minute, I was a jet setting legal consultant with a vast network of friends all over the world and zero concerns about meeting new people; eighteen months later, I’m a full-time single mom – and just a couple weeks ago, I surprised myself again when I took the plunge and downloaded my first online dating app. It wasn’t Tinder, so I resolved to at least take a look.

This won’t be my typical legal post. If you know me at all, you know sourcing – especially all the tricks “hacks” and tools that go along with it – is my passion. So when I started playing on a new virtual platform that left me curious about information than I could find on the app (for more personal and obvious reasons than ever before), I started applying the skills I learned while training to be a ninja recruiter. I know it makes me a little creepy. Sharing the discovery is worth it!

Happn is a proximity based dating app that streams the people you “cross paths” with in real life. It requires a Facebook connection. When you are within a close distance of another user that fits your predefined parameters, they show up in your stream, and in the “Tinder” fashion, you either pass or like the person. Profiles show a first name, age, and employment or school information, as well as your common Facebook interests.

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I realized two things very quickly. First, real time common interests requires an API call to Facebook.Continue reading