Gay Santorini, the land of the sexy

Gay Santorini, the land of the sexy

Gay Santorini

There is a lot of skin showing on this island, and all for a good purpose; it definitely adds to the sultry vibe that Santorini and grown so accustomed to. This island is one of the most gorgeous places a gay traveler could visit in his/her lifetime. If you simply search the company web site internet you will find some of the most beautiful landscape photos in the world. This place is no joke and an awesome place for a vacation.

Santorini is a naturally created volcanic island that rises above the Aegean Sea and resides just a little over a hundred miles from the land of Greece. The most interesting part is that the town of Santorini is located on a collapsed caldera, which is a remnant of an erupted volcanic cone. Since the creation of the town, there hasnt been much volcanic activity since.

The beaches in Santorini come in many different and beautiful colors. Depending on which geologic layers are exposed, you can have a Red Beach, White Beach, or Black Beach. The sand even acts as a thermometer, the darker the sand the warmer the water because of the lavas absorption of the heat!

After taking a visit down to the amazing beaches, travelers often venture upwards to enjoy the benefits the town has to offer. Visit local wineries to sip on amazingly refreshing wines, renew your skin with a dip in volcanic mud, eat at the local restaurants that boast the most uniquely delicious food youll find compared to anywhere else.Continue reading